43 Pieces Mixed Fishing Lures Set/Kit

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USA Lot 43 PCS Fishing Lures 

  • Length: 2inch-4inch (5cm-11cm)
  • Weight: 0.12 oz- 0.47 oz (3.6g-13.4g)
  • Bright colors to attract big game fish
  • Each lure comes with 2 sharp Treble VMC hooks
  • Material: Made out of High-Quality plastic and Stainless Steel 

Catch The Big Fish

Choosing the right lure for your rod is important, fishing with these lures will be really easy

Big Fish

3-D eyes will trick even the smartest fish into thinking that the lure is a real fish. They will think of as prey. And you know what to do next

Note: The shape and color of the lures will be different or the same. We sent them randomly!

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